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BTW, when you make your companion animal page, please add something about the Helping Hands monkeys. It is a horrible program that has abused hundreds of infant and adolescent monkeys over the years. I don't know how active they are at present. But I've known a primatolgist who worked for the program about 10 years ago. She was so appalled by their methods that she quit and dedicated her life to rehabilitating some of the monkeys. I also know foster families that volunteered to raise infant monkeys for the program. They have gone into hiding with their monkeys so that they would not have to give them back to Helping Hands. Basically, what they do is breed these infants. They are taken from their mothers at birth and given to foster families for 2 years. The families are told to "humanize" them. After 2 years these monkeys, that have bonded to their foster families are taken back to HH. They are then neutered, all their teeth are removed and their training begins. A battery pack is strapped around their chest and when they don't obey, they are shocked. The really sad thing is that the training only lasts until the monkeys become adults and rebel against their owners. And what is really shocking is that for many years Disney World in Florida allowed HH to breed monkeys on their Monkey Island. So if you could discredit this organization in your pages, you would get that message out to people who have heard all their PR.

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