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Welcome to your personal Meditation Room.
Feel free to visit and unwind anytime.
For your music pleasure, I am playing
"Almost A Whisper" by Yanni.

"Harmony is pure love, and love is
complete agreement."
~Lope de Vega


~Listen to the soft music and hear nothing else. Think only of the music as if it were the only thing in your life right now. aware of your breath~

~Imagine yourself sitting in a most peaceful place...a beach with softly rolling waves with warm sun on your face~

~A soft meadow full of wildflowers~~ crickets chirping lazily~~ the breeze's soft caresses on your face and hair~

~A mountain scene, winds softly whispering over the crags and jaggy edges~

Imagine sitting in your peaceful place~~the white noise of the water or the winds rustling around you~~the cool droplets of water spraying your face, with no one else around.

Revel in the glory of Nature and feel how in touch you are with your own natural intuition and self confidence.

Feel the peace, the tranquility of this moment and imagine that your life is working exactly as planned and that you are in complete control of your day~

~Your concerns and worries are gone for this moment in time~

~All of your decisions will be appropriate from this moment on~

~The stress has melted away and you are feeling renewed, capable, confident, relaxed~


Love has much to do with Life and Living.
The mind can only take us so far.
The soul is what can really soar.


"Once we accept our limits,
we go beyond them."~Brenden Francis~


"Live with great expectations,
and great things happen."~Art Fettig~


"Vision isn't enough
unless combined with venture.
It's not enough to stare up the steps
unless we also step up the stairs."
~Vance Havner~


"I think one must finally take one's life
in one's arms."
~Arthur Miller~


"Paradise is where I am."

windchimeI hope you enjoyed your "Cyber Meditation."windchime

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The Great Illusion.
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Updated February 22, 2004